Litecoin btc markets


Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, price data, charts and news. Litecoin has rallied to a new yearly high over the weekend, with the LTCUSD pair following Bitcoin higher, and breaking above the $ level. Higher time frame analysis shows that a huge bullish . Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, in The cryptocurrency was created based on the Bitcoin protocol, but it differs in terms of the hashing .

Litecoin btc markets

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Litecoin is in bullish sequence. OU cai ou voa escolhe os pontos tao no grafico. The fear is high in the market. All I am seeing is 20k charts. I think the worst of the dip is over for now but do expect a retest of 20k after another LTC movee towards or after BTC goes to 25k.

This was a nice shakeout Not financial advice. I am a total scrub. Videos only. Litecoin Equidistant Channel Parallel Channel. Long LTC. Litecoin may go up to make cycle V or make second X of cycle IV. Show more ideas. It rides the coattails of Bitcoin, and due to its early inception, enjoys the popularity that comes from being a convenient alternative in a market that thrives off diversity.

Some banks would love to see a blanket regulation of digital currencies. Litecoin would likely get caught in the fray if regulation came down the pike. But barring an aggressive move against financial freedom, Litecoin should remain regulation-free for some time. Instead, it made an adjustment that filled a specific need. As a well-established currency, Litecoin clearly timed things right during its inception and launch. Launching three years after Bitcoin allowed Litecoin to observe the crypto space and identify a need before jumping in.

Litecoin, over the good part of a decade, has established itself as a prime player, and enjoys the contacts influence that comes with that distinction.

However, Lee is the main person 'in charge' of the Litecoin project and the person most associated to the coin. The Litecoin team has far more than the necessary '10, hours of experience.

Additionally, it recently became known that there are only a very small number of devs working on the project, which made many in the crypto community wonder how much we can expect from the coin in the future. With an entirely different algorithm, a completely new token was needed.

Litecoin has come to represent—and help support—the movement towards cryptos with fewer barriers. Looks like the bear market is over. If the market does give another opportunity to buy around those yellow horizontal lines, then it will probably be vigorously bought. Litecoin has remained stable despite Bitcoin and other alternative currency corrections in the past few weeks.

Another leg up is seeming to be the most probable outcome in the next few weeks. Target: 0. Green line is weekly downtrend and yellow is daily downtrend All details are in the chart Not financial advice, just a posibility to keep in mind. Trading suggestion:. There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support line 0. Technical analysis:. I've published the very same pattern back in December when the previous Bear Market was at its lows and while everyone was panicking, called for a potential Bottom on Bitcoin and a Bull Run to follow.

Simply because of the Litecoin break-out relative to BTC. During your entire lifetime, you will encounter trades like that.

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Litecoin has remained stable despite Bitcoin and other alternative currency corrections in the past few weeks. Another leg up is seeming to be the most probable outcome in the next few weeks. Litecoin (LTC/BTC . What is. LTC. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released in Charlie Lee. The coin was heavily inspired by, and its technical details are nearly identical to those of Bitcoin. Litecoin price today, LTC marketcap, chart, and info. Tags:Tradingview bitcoin bitmex, Bitcoin algorithmic trading strategies, Bitcoin market value 2009, Correlation bitcoin stock market, Bitcoin trade show

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