Long btc tradingview


Alt-BTC cap ratio has developed a wave 1 + 2 and 'stepped' out of it's long-term deceleration channel at the end of a very long falling wedge. Candidate wave 3 is now in progress which means it's alt-o-clock! Zoom-out to see the whole deceleration channel. Mar 17,  · TradingView allows you to do this via their chart layout system. For example, I could save my trendline and horizontal line analysis for Bitfinex: BTC/USD on one layout, and save my . I wrote my first article in May See below BTC and ETH Long strategy - version1 After 6 months, it is now time to check the result of my script for the last 6 months. XBTUSD (4H): 14/05/ --> 22/11/ = +78% in 4 trades ETHXBT (4H): 14/05/ --> 22/11/ = +21% in 9 trades ETHUSD (4H): 14/05/ --> 22/11/ = +90% in 6 trades Using the signals from this strategy to trade.

Long btc tradingview

As Ends, Bitcoin Bulls Hold Control (Cryptocurrency:BTC-USD) | Seeking Alpha

If break up. If break up alt sessions is comong. I found it! I don't believe this was ever a sequence of nested Base channels but rather a This is a 6year logarithmic scale chart. These are lead by speculation, greed, technological advancement and other market dynamics such as supply and demand. But cycles are a very natural phenomenon, Could it happen again? Thanks in advance. This could mark the beginning of the downtrend where we should see some good upside as BTC loses dominance out of the halving.

I have marked in pink every significant level on the way up, Keep your eyes on these level as we move up. Those who have been accumulating alts will be rewarded soon and So, taking a look at the marketcap of altcoins without BTC we can see that this triangle is much closer to it's conclusion than BTC's.

Interesting stuff! RSI right now corresponds exactly with that of Feb , just before the 16 halving. Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. In a few years, people will come back to see this chart and gasp. Although I wish to see the future, I simply cannot. This chart is a mirror of what the next few years will Monthly volume at ATH is main signal for this.

Candidate wave 3 is now in progress which means it's alt-o-clock! Zoom-out to see the whole deceleration channel. Basic look at the Cryptocurrency total market capitalisation excluding Bitcoin.

My points are on the chart along side 3 predictions for the year ahead. This is also in line with the indication of my "secret indicator" next idea.

Hello, BTC Longs back above 30k units on Bitfinex which, considering the bleeding of BTC withdrawn exhange have been experiencing after Covid, is even a more positive signal than it was few months ago. As the title says Longs got low. We've seen them rally when they get this low. MADC shows the first signs of changing direction. RSI is at its lowest oversold moment. Let's see Last time the total of positions in the market both long and short,with just bitfinex considered was that low was July '19 and btc started its decline from 13k to 6.

True that thera has been a serious outflow of btcs from exchanges in the last quarter and the data can be affected by that, but still the value is really low wouldhave Its level is excluding hodlers that are long by definitions and do not trade the trend meaning that for each long position there is 1 short.

Total uncertainty among market participants. Shorts are at their Hello, here to show the second part of the idea to identify the general trend before going in details for shorter terms strategies. Read the related idea in the link below if you want to learn more about the ratio and don't forget to like and comment as it helps me to understand if you appreciate my contents and what to focus on So, starting from the main Volume trails here no much more.

Videos only. Longing is the only option. Long positions have all the right contitions to grow. No more space for longers. Show more ideas.

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We offer our own Addons on TradingView. Only $ / month – all in one price! Subscribe till 9th December and get an extra 14 days! CRYPTO & FOREX ALERT BTC short Indicator BTC long Indicator For subscribe our TradingView Addons click the button down below. IMPORTANT! karna BTC telah menembus ATH nya, kita belum mempunyai data zona-zona resisten dan support kuat di TF kecil. jika harus open posisi zona terlihat masih cukup kuat menjadi support. tapi jika kita tarik garis fibonacci di TF lebih besar, harusnya BTC turun ke golden zone di untuk melanjutkan up kembali. Dec 18,  · Source: Author via Tradingview. Oversold indicator readings mark another factor that shouldn't be a total surprise for cryptocurrency investors because BTC-USD has . Tags:Bitcointrader timo, Trading bitcoin like forex, Publicly traded bitcoin companies 2017, Bitcoin platform test, How to deposit bitcoin to gatehub

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