Tradingview btc shorts


BTC SHORT. Price short $ $ $ Please like this idea. Hello dear traders. The price is above the level of - it will talk about the continuation of the upward trend, to the levels and targets of CME. But Today, I made a decision for myself to open a short position, a large short position, in order to update such values as - I expect a strong downward impulse. Short tusco92 The general up trend have been cut you can see the red line. ltc btc Now we are in a good place to buy sit on the orange line > sell point between and but btc.

Tradingview btc shorts


And Then Even Lower. We shall see Alright, I got stopped out of yesterday's short at the local 1. Predictions and analysis.

Videos only. Top authors: btc-short. BTC for Christmas. Opening short position from renewal of the bottom. BTC Short trade. At the same time, the chart shows that over the past year the price has already fallen off twice from the senior resistance line. In February and September The February collapse was Since the spring of , the price has been in a growing channel. In the spring of , the largest breakdown occurred. The reason was the unstable political and epidemiological situation.

However, by early summer, the price returned to the channel and continued a slight upward movement. At the end of October, the price Autumn has become a period of quite impressive growth for this currency pair, the price rises to the highs that the last time reached in However, now the price is on the way - a strong resistance level 1.

And also, passing nearby, the line of resistance. She is the youngest, formed only in September. But, on the other hand, without a single Based on our view the market will go lower. Based on our outlook the price will drop to the next support. Like, comment and subscribe to our TradingView Page. The price is now in a new channel. As we can see, the price bounced off the support line, which originates in the month of December.

Simple chart - btc shorts red vs longs blue. In the short term th december I'm expecting a minor BTC retest to 3. Be careful if this happens as I think it will be rejected at old support. With shorts this low and price steadily creeping up, I expect a large price dump in the coming days. Bitcoin shorts nearly reached an all time high but failed, getting ready for the squeeze here!

Taking a long Position. The longs have of the beautiful days front them. Videos only. Shorts buy signal.

BTC Longs vs Shorts BTCUSDSHORTS Crypto Chart

TradingView UK. View live BTCUSD Shorts chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. Nov 30,  · Hi Guys,just comes up with this idea for BTC short. There is two strategies together I'm working on it at the moment we have fib. of a retracement red correction, and 71 . TradingView. EN. TradingView. Sign In. BTC Short Opportunity? XBTUSD, 1D Short. m Price consolidation after a one-day drop from 10k to 8k. Looking for a quick price movement to 6k or a climb back to the 10k trading range. If BTC traces similar to LTC after SegWit 3. BTC as BIP91 signalling. BTCUSD, m BTC as BIP Tags:How to trade bitcoin australia, Kraken btc deposit, Where can you margin trade bitcoin, Is bitcoin profit a con, Cryptocurrency bitcoin market

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